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Despite the current conditions, there are businesses in Jamaica that are championing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We want to spotlight and congratulate Chilitos JaMexican Food, IBEX Global Jamaica, JAMPRO and Jamaica Association of Diverse Businesses for creating a work environment that welcomes and celebrates differences!

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Have you ever used the services of or worked at a business that was LGBT friendly and that valued respect, tolerance and non-discrimination?

Share it with us!

One of the functions and hopes of this site is to congratulate those who have made important steps towards embracing LGBT persons and treating them equally and fairly.

Nominate a business so that we can feature them!

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There is no great business without quality leadership and we want to recognize those leaders who have been champions of diversity.

Let us know who you would nominate as a business leader who has been active in promoting diversity, inclusivity and tolerance for everyone!

Nominate a business leader so that we can feature them!