Information About Projects and Initiatives

The Building Bridges Towards Diversity in the Workplace project is an endeavor towards mending the gaps that have disallowed LGBT Jamaicans from being able to obtain and thrive in employment that would earn them livable wages.

This online platform was created as a safe space for LGBT persons to communicate and connect with employers and managers as well as to share their personal experiences with navigating the workplace in Jamaica. We can all agree that being able to show up to work as our most authentic selves, without apprehension and anxiety, makes us more productive and willing to go the extra mile in our work! This project wants to respond to the insufficient efforts by Jamaican employers to prize diversity in terms of LGBT representation and acceptance, by raising awareness and providing meaningful and creative methods for responding to discrimination and harassment. When a business consciously architects a space where LGBT persons feel comfortable and safe, the benefits are tangible.

For this reason, the site will also allow LGBT Jamaicans to express the experiences in a secure way and learn about businesses that are LGBT friendly.

Why this project

LGBT persons have had monumentally negative experiences while working in Jamaica, distorting their ability to construct a meaningful life and contribute positively to their society.

The workspace when not guided by policies of inclusivity and diversity can be a hazardous space for LGBT persons to exist and bloom. LGBT Jamaicans have expressed being verbally abused by co-workers, called derogatory names, have been the subject of violent threats and trans men and women have stated that they have not been able to affirm their gender while at work. These particular instances have worked together to prevent them from moving up in their organizations or expanding their capabilities.

When work environments are not safe for LGBT persons to be open about their experiences it makes them uncomfortable and less likely to make reports to supervisors and HR managers and less likely to get support. That is why a project like this is necessary and important! Workplace diversity benefits all Jamaicans.